Emergency Information

In case of a water related emergency during normal working hours, please call (843) 623-6090.  At night, weekends, and holidays, call the same number and follow the automated voice mail instructions until you reach the Answering Service.  Please give the Answering Service as much information as possible (including your phone number) with regard to the location and magnitude of the leak.

Please note if we experience a major line break, the Answering Service can become inundated with calls from members that are out of water, resulting in a busy signal.  When this occurs, please be patient.  We are on-call 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  We respond immediately to any reported line break or leak and can typically arrive on the scene within one hour from receiving the initial call.  If you do call the Answering Service, please leave your name and phone number in case we have a problem finding the problem area.

One of the first things we do when a leak is identified is attempt to isolate the leak in a manner that impacts as few members as possible.  Our top priority is to fix leaks in a permanent fashion as quickly as practical and as safely as possible.  Before we can dig the first shovel of dirt, in accordance with state law, we must have a Utility Locator Service (SC811) inspect the excavation site and mark any underground utilities in the area.  Sometimes, particularly in the eastern portion of the county, it may take the Utility Locator several hours to arrive at the job site.  There is nothing we can do about this other than wait patiently.  You may see CCRWC personnel arrive at a leak site, shut off the water, and not take any action until the Locate Service arrives. The utility locate MUST BE PERFORMED prior to any excavations and there are NO EXCEPTIONS.  This is the law.

Once a leak is repaired and water service is restored, it is not uncommon for members in the general area of the leak to experience air in the water (milky looking water) or slight discoloration.  If you incur either of these abnormalities, simply run your COLD water faucet for a few minutes and the water should clear up.  If the condition persists, please call and let us know.

Please remember we are authorized to repair our waterlines and associated appurtenances.  We cannot perform repairs to your household plumbing or service lines.